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Nightlife in Paros

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Paros changes its face as the nightfall comes. Then, the people start to leave the beaches, the windsurfing boards are ashore and those who obstinately deny to leave the golden sand drink their last slugs in Pounda as a good warm up for the after The after swim hours in Paros are rush hours for the small port of Naoussa which is the centre of the absolute entertainment.

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A stroll through the bars of the picturesque port of Naoussa will be enough for you to stay awake till late at night even if you are not a fan of this kind of entertainment. There, the sound becomes louder and draws you each night in an endless fun till morning. Since you enjoy the first cool cocktails, follow the example of the tourists who timidly begin dancing and dance under the sounds of mainstream, pop, R&B, funk, rock, and of course the Greek music.

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As the time passes by and you still have plenty of energy, you should not go to your rooms. The mega clubs of Naoussa have their doors open and promise a frantic fun till morning.
In Naoussa you will also find bouzoukia, where fun takes off on the dancing floor and on the tables, as entertainment without gillyflowers and live music has no meaning for the Greeks.

Paros Island Nightlife 3

Despite the fact that the heart of the night life beats in Naoussa, you will also find good night life in Parikia. In the eastern edge of the city, at the right of the port, you will find another heaven for clubbing fans, while many picturesque café-bars are the ideal choices for those who prefer to combine drinking with little chat.
If you wish to relax by enjoying your drink away from the noisy cosmopolitan haunts of Naoussa and Parikia, discover the quiet sophistical bars in Pisso Livadi and Alyki. They may not be one of the young people''s favorites but this is the advantage for those who look for an alternative way of having fun.

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Walking through the paved streets of Naoussa and Parikia you will definitely be attracted by the small picturesque shops and their windows which are full of colours and of good taste. The handmade jewelries, which are a small sample of people''s art in Paros, have a distinctive position here. You will find magnificent modern and more classical jewels from silver, semiprecious stones and more materials in many shops. You will also find many jewelry shops with magnificent precious gifts for every taste. Furthermore, you may find accessories for the summer, especially tiny swim suits, bags, belts, slippers, pareo which follow the summer fashion and are extremely important for your cosmopolitan holidays. In Paros, you may also find some of the most famous clothing brands and home supplies products of the Athenian market. Shops with gifts and souvenirs complete the market''s picture.

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However, the commercial area of Paros has another side that you should not miss to meet. Explore the love for the art part of Paros by visiting the galleries in Parikia and Naoussa and admire the art works of the people of Paros.
Visit also the ceramic workshops in Kostos and Lefkes and learn the secrets of the ceramic art.

When you arrive in Paros, keep in mind that you are in the island of the sports. Paros is considered to be one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean for windsurfing fans. During your stay in Paros you can entertain, have fun, drink but keep your energy to learn the secrets of windsurfing that that leaves everyone impressed. In Nea Chryssi Akti, Chryssi Akti, Santa Maria and Pounda (of Antiparos) you can find surf clubs with experienced professional teachers and modern equipment that promise to you an unforgettable experience on the waves.

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The scuba diving schools in Santa Maria, Chryssi Akti and Pounda (of Antiparos) also promise a unique and secure tour in the sea bed of Paros. Have also the experience of kitesurfing (Pounda, Chryssi Akti). In Kolybithres try water ski and wake board while if you wish to sail in the open sea you will have to address to the Sailing Club in Parikia.
If you want more sports choices that doesn''t include water, you can exercise yourselves by playing tennis in the courts of Chryssi Akti, Kolybithres and a big hotel in Naoussa. To keep your excellent physical condition in shape you may exercise in one of the gyms of Naoussa. In Naoussa you will finally have the opportunity to do horse riding and bicycling while in Alyki you can play soccer and basketball in the courts and fields of Aghios Nikolas beach.

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