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Paros Island Restaurants 1

This is a directory of restaurants personally tried, suggested from our personal taste,
studied for mediterranean food lovers.

(Greek Tavern - family-run busuness)
Address: Paros - Paroikia - Close to the turistic port

(Greek Tavern)
Most popular fish tavern of Paros. Apostolis on sunday is the meeting point of the greek families. Fresh fish and good variety of food.
Address: Paros - Paroikia - From the port to Livadia. Close to Katerina Tavern.

Taverna Paros
(Greek Tavern - BBQ)
One of the most popular tavern from Paros people. The best grill.
Address: Paros - Inside Paroikia

(Greek-Anatolian restaurant)
Address: Paros - Paroikia - Behind the turistic port

(Fish tavern)
The best fish of Paros, excellent quality, owners dive directly. When the fish is finish, the restaurant close.
Address: Paros - Paroikia - In front of the port

(Fish Tavern)
Familiar fish tavern, fish very fresh.
Address: Paros - Piso Livadi

(Greek Tavern)
Address: Paros - Paroikia - Agora

(Fish Tavern)
Address: Paros - Naussa

(Fushion restaurant)
Address: Paros - Paroikia - Agora

(Fish Tavern)
Address: Paros - Ambelas

(Fish Tavern)
Address: Paros - Drios

(Greek Tavern)
Address: Paros - Paroikia - Livadia.

(Greek Tavern - BBQ)
Another place for meet lovers.
Address: Paros - Paroikia - From the port to Livadia. Close to Apostolis Tavern.
Sto Clarino
(Greek Tavern - Specialities meat)
Address: Paros - Lefkes

Taverna Oyzepi
(Greek beach tavern)
Address: Paros - Aliki

Paros Island Restaurants 1

The gastronomy of the Cyclades
The diet of the people of Paros was considered to be,
at least some years ago, one of the most balanced diets in Greece and Europe.
A former research by UNESCO found that the people of Lefkes settlement
in Paros are among the most long-lived in Europe, because of their diet
which is rich in onions, greens, vegetables and wine,
while it includes small quantities of meat.
The cuisine of Paros was based on the products of the land and sea.
It is rich in seafood and soups; pies and small quantities of meat come next,
while all dishes are seasoned with spices and are cooked with local olive oil.
Wine and fishes such as red mullet, red bream, sea scorpion, lobster, dentex, grouper,
black bream, mackerel, bogue, whitebait, etc. fished in the rich and unique sea
waters of the island, are always on the table.
If we visit the island of Paros, we can enjoy traditional island cooking,
based mainly on fish and vegetables, grown in the small gardens of the island.
As for example, saddled bream baked in the oven with potatoes and zucchinis, and of course,
delicious chickpeas from Paros cooked with onions, tomatoes and plenty of olive oil.

My friends, welcome to the Aegean!


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