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Beaches of Paros

The beaches of Paros are numerous and all different from each other.

You can find ...
comfortable beaches equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, for families or sophisticated beaches.
Beaches where young people can meet, dance and have fun.
Beaches to rest.
Deserted beaches and beaches full of people.
Beaches where you can have lunch in the shade of a pergola, or where you can dine by candlelight.
Beaches where you can wait for the moon to rise or watch the sunset.
Beaches for walking or reading a book in the shade of a tamarisk.
Beaches to defy the wind with a colorful sail.

Here is a list of the main beaches of Paros, with their descriptions, divided by locality.

I imagined taking a tour of these beaches going clockwise and starting with those around Parikia.

So I started from the beaches of Parikia , I continued with those around Naoussa, to then go to Marmara-Marpissa , then Drios and finally closing with Alyki .
For each beach I have tried to describe its natural features. I also added some indications of restaurants or taverns available in the area, where I had the pleasure of stopping. Keep in mind that the beaches can change. Although the information contained in this site / blog is detailed and updated, the different light and wind conditions can determine experiences and give very different emotions. The presence or absence of structures, depending on the period of the year, is a further element of diversity. Thanks for the information and experiences that you will share with me, in order to enrich this page. Kindly write to

  • Livadia
  • Krios
  • Marcelo
  • Souvlia, Delfini
  • Parasporos
  • Agia Irini
  • Pounda

  • Kolymbithres
  • Monastiri, Monastiraki o Agios Ioannis Detis.
  • Santa Maria
  • Langeri e Xifara
  • Ambelas

  • Molos
  • Kalogeras, Kalogiros o Kalogeros
  • Logaras
  • Punda beach

  • Golden Beach o Chryssi Akti
  • New Golden Beach or Tserdakia
  • Glyfa e Tripiti
  • Loladonis, Lolantoni, Lolantonis

  • Faranga o Faraga
  • Piso Aliki


    Livadia Beach is a long and wide stretch of white sand located north of Parikia, 10 min. walk from the centre of Parikia.
    Its popularity is justified not only by its proximity to Parikia but also becouse it offers a lot.
    In fact, it occupies the most sheltered corner of the bay: here there is no wind and its sea is always still and crystalline.
    Its velvety seabed slopes very gently towards the open sea, making it the ideal place for children.
    The ideal place to close the day, as the sun sets right on this beach and the place is enjoyable until late afternoon.
    ... without going far, the paradise under the house.
    The beach is equipped: sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants and beach bars.
    My favorite places are the Tango Mar, with its good tavern, the Nautical club (sailing and swimming lessons also available) and Filoxenia.

    Paros Island Beaches 1



    Krios beach is a small beach sheltered by the Meltemi, very intimate, of mixed sand, lapped by sparkling turquoise water, almost immediately deep.
    Ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
    The soft environment and the immediately deep sea make it easier for adults looking for relax.
    The beach is managed by a nice tavern.
    The tavern building is practically clinging to the cliff.
    In addition to its services, the tavern offers its customers about thirty umbrellas and sunbeds.
    The comfortable director's chairs arranged on the pier, the wooden tables, the pergola create a pleasant and sophisticated environment.
    Lunch and even dinner here are beautiful, it seems to float on water or to be on board a large raft, totally immersed in the light and transparent turquoise of the sea.
    The prices of the tavern are medium-high, but the dishes are tasty and abundant.

    How to get there
    It can be reached by car or scooter, or via the shuttle boat that shuttles from Parikia every 20 / 30 minutes (depending on the season).
    For the more sporty, this beach can be reached walking about 30 minutes from the center of Parikia. You have to walk along the Livadia seafront until Tango mar and then continue on the path that climbs the cliff and runs along the sea.

    Paros Island Beaches 2



    Marcelo beach is according to many (even in my opinion) the most beautiful beach of Paros.
    It is simply wonderful: a long and wide expanse of fine golden sand with crystal clear waters.
    The sea water has splendid colors: a pure and motionless blue glass.
    It is a perfect beach for children because the seabed is shallow and rises gently.
    Sheltered, its sea is almost always very calm. Enjoyable until sunset.
    The southern end (towards Krios) is shady and cool, the end near the pier of the shuttle boat from Parikia is sunny and bright.
    The beach is also equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds.
    In the northern part, close to the boat pier, it has a wide free beach, with tamarisks offering shelter during the hottest hours.
    From Marcelo beach the view over Parikia is spectacular.
    During the day and also when the sun goes down, when the lights of the city and the ones of the ships parked in the bay start to come on.

    How to get there
    The beach can be reached by car or scooter and from the port of Parikia by a small shuttle boat that moves from Parikia every 20/30 minutes (depending on the season).
    It is also possible to reach it on foot. A nice walk of about 40 minutes from the center of Parikia (Livadia seafront and then path above the promontory on the sea).

    Paros Island Beaches 3


    Souvlia, Delfini

    The beach of souvlia or delfini offers a rather relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.
    Sheltered, not large, it has fine golden sand and is bathed by a limpid and crystalline sea.
    Frequented mainly by locals.
    Excellent shelter on days when the south wind or sirocco blow.
    The taverns offer a few umbrellas and sun beds to customers.
    Beautiful views over the bay of Parikia and the promontory of Agios Fokas.
    It is worth coming in the late afternoon and stopping until the evening, when the turquoise of the sea is tinged with a golden orange, to then turn into a pink silk drape with dark red shades.
    The Magaya Tavern is very good.
    Magaya Beach Cafe Bar is right on the beach.
    Offers international music and wifi.
    Suggestive location and environment, it is very popular among the residents. Pleasant cozy and exotic atmosphere with colorful furnishings and hanging hammocks.
    The cuisine offers a varied menu, Mediterranean with some ethnic and Asian deviation, especially Chinese and Thai.
    You can also find Greek specialties such as Apaki, the Cretan smoked pork.

    How to get there
    From Parikia go south, after a while turn right towards the beach of Souvlia or Delfini.
    You can also follow the directions to Magaya beach bar restaurant or to the elegant Paros Bay hotel.
    It is also possible to reach it by foot: a walk of about 20 minutes from the center of Parikia.

    Paros Island Beaches 4



    Parasporos Beach is a big wide stretch of sandy beach. The seabed has rocky or pebble sections.
    It can be very windy here. When the Meltemi is blowing straight in, the waves can get extremely high.
    On calm days, however, when the wind blows from the south, Parasporos is also a nice place to relax overlooking the small islet of Agios Spiridon. The beach is also equipped with sun loungers and parasols.
    The northern part has a beach bar and restaurant, while the southern part is free, quieter with tamarisk trees offering free shelter.
    The sun sets right in front of the beach, so it is possible to enjoy this place until late afternoon.

    How to get there
    The beach is about 30 minutes walk from Parikia.
    More convenient to reach it by car. Ample parking available.

    Paros Island Beaches 5


    Agia Irini

    Agia Irini is a bay with two small, very photogenic beaches.
    The first beach lined with tamarisk trees and a white church overlooking the sea. It is a typical and quiet Greek beach with a beautiful row of gnarled tamarisk trees and a typical tavern behind it.
    A handful of tiny fishing boats scattered over the water, some fishermen cleaning their nets, the church in the background.
    Continuing on the dirt road in the direction of the campsite, you will find second beach. A thin beach with palm trees.
    The thin strip of caramel-colored sand and the beautiful palm trees reflecting on the crystal clear water give this place an unusual tropical atmosphere.
    Fine sand, calm sea, shallow water, warm water!
    Ideal for long baths and of course for children.
    The only flaw is the very narrow beach: if in low season it is not a problem, in high season it can be.
    The campsite behind the beach does not disturb at all, as it is completely hidden by the vegetation, quiet and discreet.
    A tavern on the beach offers traditional Greek dishes (in my opinion a they are too fat) and provides sun loungers and umbrellas.

    How to get there
    Agia Irini is about 5 km south of Parikia. From Parikia, take the road that goes south and then one of the exits on the right hand that you meet after Parosporos and follow the signs. The road is not perfect.

    Paros Island Beaches 6



    About halfway between Parikia and Aliki and right in front of the island of Antiparos, is Punda.
    Punda has not be confused with the Punda beach club located on the east coast.
    This Pounda is a small village that can be reached only for two specific reasons: to embark for Antiparos or to go to the Kitesurfer beach.
    The kiters' beach is located exactly 500 meters from the boarding pie for Antiparos and can be reached going along a dirty road that runs along the sea to the south.
    Pounda is a true Mecca for kitesurfers and one of the best known kitesurfing destinations in Europe.
    If New Golden Beach and Golden Beach are dedicated to windsurfing, Pounda has been repeatedly recognized as a kite spot.
    The PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Surfer Association) and KPWT (Kiteboard Pro Tour) World Kite Championships are held here every year.
    The kiters' beach appears as a very long plain of single-colored sand, so compact that it almost seems like clay.
    Populated only by shrubs and shrubs of sharp grass, combed by the wind. The place as a whole has a certain charm: it is at the same time rather desolate and wild.
    Here you will not find rows of umbrellas and sunbeds, nor bars and taverns.
    There are only two kite schools, two white boxes with the typical sails stretched in the wind and those few services that are enough for kiters.
    There is a certain rivalry between the two schools.
    The area is full of shops specializing in sports equipment and colorful tables displayed everywhere.
    The island of Antiparos is right there in front, you can count the houses and plants.
    With its size it dominates the landscape.
    A narrow channel with an intense blue color forms between the two islands. In the months of July and August, the Meltemi constantly blows in this channel, straight and stretched from north to south, parallel to the shore. In these windy days, Pounda is all a festive rainbow of colors, in the sky, on the ground, in the water, everywhere.
    However, there is no shortage of proposals on the subject of windsurfing, SUP, wakeboarding, water-ski and even horse riding, yoga, massage for those who do not kite.
    Thea restaurant, near the embarkation for Antiparos, has a terrace with a nice view of the pier and Antiparos. Very good restaurant, elegant, fresh fish, excellent wines, fluctuating service, high prices.

    Paros Island Beaches 7



    Kolymbithres is not a beach as such, rather a series of small coves with very fine sand separated by weird and beautiful granite rock formations.
    They are very ancient rocks, veritable geological monuments, smoothed and shaped by the wind, rain and waves over millions of years.
    The mythological tradition says these large boulders are the ancient Titans petrified by Zeus after their fall.
    If instead of tamarisk there were coconut palms, this location could easily seem a corner of the exotic Seychelles!
    Kolymbithres enjoys shallow, crystal clear waters and is therefore perfect for children, although it can get extremely busy here in July and August.
    Sun loungers and parasols are available, and the area is served by numerous busytavernas.
    Kolymbithres worths a visit too for the beautiful view over the bay to Naoussa ... in the morning, however, it is backlit.
    The best time to photograph the landscape, the granite rocks with Noussa in the background is in the afternoon.

    How to get there
    Kolymbithres is no more than 5 kilometers from Naoussa. Accessible by car, scooter or by gulet which leaves approximately every half an hour from the small port of Naoussa.

    Paros Island Beaches 8


    Monastiri ( o Monastiraki o Agios Ioannis Detis)

    This stretch of beach is known by several names: Monastiri, Monastiraki or Agios Ioannis Detis.
    They are all names that refer to the small monastery located on the promontory overlooking the bay itself.
    The beach is a large expanse of sand set in this bay, sheltered from the winds by high rocky hills that surround it.
    The sea is calm, clear and of a beautiful blue color, the seabed slopes gently and can be touched up to 40 - 50 meters from the shore.
    An elegant structure on the left offers refreshments, sunbeds and umbrellas and in the summer months it also hosts cultural events, cinemas and outdoor shows and weddings.
    It is worth climbing up to the white church of Agios Ioannis Detis to enjoy one of the most beautiful views that Paros can offer.
    Less than a kilometer from the small church of Agios Ioannis Detis, then, you can walk to the beautiful Cape Korakas Lighthouse (Capo del Corvo) which watches over the northernmost tip of the island.
    The whole promontory of Agios Ioannis Detis is a protected area. The complete trail, which also touches the Monastery and the Lighthouse, is well signposted and makes a loop.
    Walking calmly takes just over an hour.
    The Feast of Agios Ioannis Detis is held on 28 and 29 August. If you are in the area don't forget to visit this sanctuary and join the party.

    How to get there
    From Kolymbithres, continuing along the road that runs along the sea, after about 4 kilometers you arrive at a sort of shipyard where boats and boats are stationed very badly and various scrap metal. Continue and a bit further, at the end of the road, one of the most beautiful beaches of Paros opens up.
    Monastiri can also be reached with the same small boat that leaves from Naoussa for Kolymbithres.

    Paros Island Beaches 9


    Santa Maria

    The main beach of Naoussa is Santa Maria beach, also known as Santa Maria Surfing Camping Beach. The beach of Santa Maria is in my opinion the third most beautiful beach in Paros, after Marcelo beach and Piso Aliki beach.
    Its colors are intense: white sand, soft and golden, azure and blue sea, dark green vegetation.
    The windsurf school colors the beach and the sea with its sails.
    The Santa Maria beach bar accompanies the drinks with a pleasant background of international music.
    The Nava restaurant is a refined apotheosis of white. Quite expensive.
    It is a long and wide expanse of golden sand and despite being one of the busiest beaches on the island, Santa Maria never seems to be too crowdy.
    It is surrounded by tamarisks, junipers, myrtles. This green Mediterranean scrub hides every building and gives it a wild flavor.
    To this pleasant mix of nature and comfort, from here there is also a wide and suggestive panorama on the island of Naxos.
    Here you can find everything: sunbeds and umbrellas, camping, bars, restaurant, water sports.
    It is frequented by people of all ages and from all over the world.
    It remains a very ventilated area, sometimes too much to make it difficult to stay.
    I prefer it when there is not so windy and the water is pleasantly calm and transparent.

    How to get there
    By car or scooter, follow the signs leading to Santa Maria Surfing Camping Beach.
    The beach is also served by buses, from Naoussa and Parikia.

    Paros Island Beaches 10


    Langeri e Xifara

    Xifara and Langeri are located on the other side of the promontory of Santa Maria and overlook the sea towards Naoussa.
    They are on a long line of white sand.
    Xifara is a long strip of sand crushed by the road. Here the water is almost always calm, shallow and warm. Frequented by families.
    Here you will find the famous Siparos restaurant, also popular in the evening. The sunset from its tables is screaming. For a romantic dinner, reserve a table on the outside edge.
    Langeri, further north, is very popular with nudists, so be prepared. Here you will find only nature, so bring food, water and if you suffer from the sun, a parasol.
    How to get there
    To reach Lageri you have to head towards the small church of Zoodochos Pigi. Here you can park and head towards the sea through hidden paths.

    Paros Island Beaches 11



    At about 4 kilometers from the center of Naoussa, there is the small port of Ambelas.
    You will find a handful of small fishing boats in front of you and on the right an equipped beach dominated by the famous and expensive Damianos fish restaurant.
    The spot is fascinating, but I prefer to continue going left to the Thalami fish tavern.
    Here I advise you to park and go down the stairs that start right from this tavern.
    A free and sheltered beach will open up in front of you.
    A perfect place to relax.
    Do not miss to stop at the Thalami tavern, perhaps at one of the tables close to the rocks. Fantastic dishes, super fresh fish, popular prices! Open all the year.

    Paros Island Beaches 12



    Just below the promontory of Anti-Kefalos there is another beautiful and very wild bay: the bay of Molos.
    The bay is wide and contains a huge and bright sea.
    The bay is sheltered to the north by the Anti-Kefalos Promontory and to the south by the Kratzi Promontory, on which stands a white church.
    Long beach, fine, golden and soft sand, clear, warm and gently sloping water.
    Molos beach is not equipped, but a beautiful row of leafy tamarisk trees and large juniper bushes offer protection from the sun.
    Ideal refuge for reading a book or napping while observing the blue and crystalline sea in front of you.
    Go to Molos on a day without Meltemi and you will fall in love with it.

    How to get there
    From Marmara starts the paved road to Molos.

    Paros Island Beaches 13


    Kalogeras, Kalogiros o Kalogeros

    At the southern end of Molos bay, on the side of the church, a short, wide and flat dirt road leads to Kalogeros beach.
    It is a wild beach, not equipped, with a beautiful open view towards the island of Naxos.
    Always quite calm as it is well sheltered from the Meltemi thanks to the high cliffs of the Kratzi Promontory.
    The beach is of soft pearl gray sand.
    The peculiarity of this beach is all in its extraordinary colorful cliffs, a true palette of colors ranging from purple to gray-green and sulfur yellow.
    The layering of colors betrays the volcanic origin of the area.
    Strangely the greyish parts of the cliff are made of pure clay, so much so that you can take advantage of it to make beauty muds.
    And it is precisely the presence of this very fine clay, the result of ancient river sediments, that is the most interesting geological phenomenon.
    Twenty million years ago the Aegean islands were all united and formed a single territory called Aegeidha.
    Due to the volcanic activity, Aegeidha sank slowly into the sea, giving rise to the Aegean Islands we know today.
    Before the sinking, the stretch of sea that today separates Paros from Naxos was occupied by a large lake and the colorful hills of Kalogeras still retain the clay of this lake area.

    Paros Island Beaches 14



    Going south along the Piso Livadi seafront, after 600 meters you will find Logaras beach.
    A place with taverns and small hotels directly on the beach. Quite long with great coarse sand, super sand!
    Rather salty sea, immediately deep, very transparent and crystalline water.
    Logaras is a classic Greek beach, very simple, where you can rent chairs and sunbeds and place them wherever you want.
    Further on, a thick and luxuriant grove of huge tamarisk trees offers natural shelter.
    The Markakis tavern is nice and well-kept, very pleasant during the day and in the evening too.
    A rich selection of local wines and cheeses. The house specialties are Chickpeas and Salatouri.

    Paros Island Beaches 15


    Punda beach

    About 2 km south of Logaras is the famous Punda beach, the beach of fun. In Punda the beach and the sea are embraced by two rocky sides, the sand is clear and soft, the sea is transparent and crystalline.
    But if in addition to the beautiful sea you are looking for people, especially young people, music and lots of fun, Punda is definitely for you.
    The facilities of the Beach Club occupy almost the entire bay.
    Here there are swimming pools, restaurant, bar, small shops of all kinds and water sports equipment.
    If you arrive early in the morning, you will find hardly anyone there and the music is pleasant. But the more the hours pass, the more the volume rises and becomes pressing. The rhythm of the loudspeakers increases and the Beach Club becomes a real outdoor disco.
    At sunset, music is already everywhere. People crowd around the pool bar and the atmosphere is cheerful and festive.
    In high season, all this can go beyond the limits of bearable and stunning, but there are those who come here for this very reason.
    So, have fun!

    How to get there
    Head towards Logaras. You can't go wrong: follow the colorful VIVA PUNDA Beach Club signs.

    Paros Island Beaches 16


    Golden Beach o Chryssi Akti

    Golden Beach or Chryssi Akti is a great, long and wonderful sandy beach,
    considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Paros.
    It has a nice view of Dryonissi Island on the right and Makonissi Island on the left.The imposing bulk of Naxos remains in the background.
    In all, the beach is at least 700 meters long, fine and golden sand, wonderful sea, well organized.
    Cheerful, frequented by dynamic people of all ages.
    Here you can find water sports schools and you can rent everything (canoes, kayaks, SUP, kiteboards, wakeboards ...).
    Windsurfing is a must here and if you visit in August you may be lucky enough to catch the spectacle of hundreds of surfers gliding over the waves as they compete in the annual Professional Windsurfing World Cup.
    Available also beach volleyball, dance lessons, diving lessons, massage centers and of course umbrellas and sunbeds.
    The breadth of the beach and the variety of its services offer space and fun to everyone.
    Golden Beach is an open and bright bay, facing south, protected to the north-east by the small peninsula.
    On it the Poseidon Resort and the St. George Hotel stand.
    Inside the bay, the seabed is sandy, the water is generally flat even in the days of Forte Meltemi.
    Therefore ideal for those who want to learn a water sport.
    Only offshore the wind and the waves become challenging.

    How to get there
    Follow the signs for the elegant Poseidon resort in Paros.
    Golden Beach is easily reachable by car or scooter.
    Also by bus from Parikia or Naoussa.

    Paros Island Beaches 17


    New Golden Beach or Tserdakia

    New Golden Beach is also dedicated to water sports.
    Not very large beach, facing south-east, it has two rocky islets in front.
    With a beautiful golden sand, it has a gently sloping and very clear sea, beautiful.
    This beach was chosen for 9 consecutive years (from 1992 to 2000) as the seat of the PWA World Cup, the world windsurfing championship.
    New Golden Beach is the beach that offers the strongest and most stable wind in Paros.
    Windsurfers will find here the historic Paros Surf Club windsurfing school. The school is staffed by very experienced instructors including one Olympic champion.
    This school offers qualified courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced since 1984.
    It offers equipment and boat rental for recovery.
    Perhaps this is the only school that has equipment even for the little ones.
    Umbrellas and sunbeds are available to relax.
    Behind the beach there are taverns, restaurants, bars, sports equipment shops.

    Paros Island Beaches 18


    Glyfa e Tripiti

    The beaches of Glyfa and Tripiti are so close that can be visited together.
    Glyfa Beach is certainly not a postcard beach, but there is an authentic atmosphere here.
    The beach is free and the fine sand mixes with gravel and pebbles.
    Numerous tamarisk trees offer shelter from the sun.
    Due to the presence of stones and gravel, the sea is blue and transparent.
    A positive point of Glyfa is undoubtedly the Taverna Glyfa, which deserves a stop. This taverna is located just behind the beach, you can't miss it. It's a stone cottage with a driveway with green bushes.
    To the left of the avenue the garden of the tavern, full of vegetables: onions, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, peppers. The same vegetables that you will find on the dishes, served in the shade of the porch.
    From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding landscape.
    At lunch there is more choice. It is also open in the evening. Fresh dishes prepared with homemade products. Excellent grilled meat.
    The small and pretty beach of Tripiti is very close to Glyfa.
    From Glyfa take the short and feasible dirt road passing behind the beach and continuing along the coast to the south. After about 100 meters you will arrive at Tripiti beach.
    It is a small beach, with fine and soft sand, outlined on the sides by reddish rock. A wild looking beach
    You won't find anything here ... just a few trees and large bushes.
    A little corner of paradise.

    Paros Island Beaches 19


    Loladonis, Lolantoni, Lolantonis

    The beach of Loladonis is about 2 km south from Dryos.
    A simple beach, with green tamarisks and eucalyptus trees.
    Sheltered from the wind by the tip of Cape Pyrgos.
    The coast is quite long and deep.
    The beach is free, just a few sunbeds under the trees and, in high season, a few scattered umbrellas. Very quiet.
    After swimming in the sea and the sun, you can have refreshment in the tavern located behind the beach. Nice view of the bay, thanks to its panoramic position. Traditional dishes and some specialties from Anatolian cuisine.
    Another tavern available is the Taverna Lolantonis, simple and traditional.

    Paros Island Beaches 20


    Faranga o Faraga

    Faranga is one of the most beautiful beaches of Paros, well sheltered from the wind and with a wonderful and fine golden sand.
    The sea is very light blue, transparent and crystalline, with the seabed that slopes very gently. Farangas is also a fairly wide and deep beach.
    The sun kisses Faranga from the morning to sunset, and its large pines provide fresh natural shade.
    Until mid-June you will find it free and without structures.
    Then comes the Faragas Beach Bar which equips a part of it.
    In Italy a lot of people talk about this beach, so here you will find many Italians.
    Faragas Beach Bar has a good soft lounge music, nice and pleasant design, almost elegant. The sun loungers are made of wood, large and with comfortable mattresses. There aren't many so they become full quickly in high season.
    The Bar serves tasty sandwiches and snacks, more expensive than average. Free Wifi, showers.
    If you are looking for a more intimate and natural setting, Faranga also offers this. Just go up the rocky dune, cross the promontory to the right of the beach and stop in one of the sandy coves under the rocks.
    On this side of the bay there are at least three coves, two larger and one smaller.
    The path is not difficult.
    In the last cove you may find nudists.
    Peace and relax are guaranteed.

    How to get there
    From Parikia drive towards Dryos, continue on the main road towards Agaeria and then turn at Akrotiri.
    Faranga is located just outside the village of Akrotiri.

    Paros Island Beaches 21


    Piso Aliki

    I think Piso Aliki is the second most beautiful beach of Paros, after Mareclo beach.
    The beach is free, bordered by tamarisk trees that offer shade during the hottest hours.
    It is lapped by an almost white sea for so low the seabed.
    Beach with some stones only at the height of the tamarisk.
    But stones large and smooth enough to pass over them barefoot without getting hurt. Then nothing more.
    Then all fine sand!
    Here people leave the house with their folding chairs and the newspaper under their arms. The grandmothers hold the hands of the children in the costume and the rubber armrests already inflated on the arm.
    The beach looks like a natural extension of their houses.
    Never too crowded, even in high season.
    Although the sea is beautiful, there are few tourists on this beach.
    Perhaps the fact that it is frequented by locals makes Piso Aliki seems too peasant, too easy to access for those who look for a places to tell.
    They do not perceive the bautiful essence of a place like this.
    The beach, although not equipped, offers a very comfortable and free shower.
    It's good to rinse off and enjoy a stop in a tavern in the village of Aliki.

    How to get there
    Piso Aliki beach is located just behind the village of Aliki.
    You have to go through the village, reach the marina and then turn left.
    Here is Piso Aliki, a wide, long quiet beach, clear sand, amazing water.

    Paros Island Beaches 22


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