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Les plages

Livadia Beach

Seaside experiences In Paros, you will find the most perfect beaches to enjoy swimming. In almost every corner of the island, clean sandy beaches either cosmopolitan and noisy or quiet and isolated with beautiful deep blue waters are waiting for you.
Starting from Parikia you will find the beautiful beaches that are around the island's capital. In the north of Parikia, in Livadia location, you will find the homonymous beach with complete tourism infrastructure and clean waters.

Paros Island Beaches 1


Krios, Martselo Beach

As you go north leaving Livadia behind, in only 2 kilometers distance from Parikia, you will find the beaches of Krios, Martselo and Kaminia. They are part of a single beach and are extended up to the northern part of Parikia bay, the Aghios Fokas cape. Along the sandy beach you will find sea chairs and umbrellas for hire as well as beach bars. Enjoy the special colours of the shallow waters and abundant play at the sea in Kaminia.

Paros Island Beaches 2


Parasporos Beach

South of Parikia and in only 2,5 kilometers distance you will see Parasporos. The beach is organized and is one of the young people favorites; the music from the beach bars stimulates people who combine swimming with entertainment.
As you go south, you will find the atmospheric beach of Aghia Irini, where palm trees that give an exotic sense rise along the beach. After your swimming, you should taste the mezedes (local food) that the few taverns serve.

Paros Island Beaches 3


Pounta Beach (facing Antiparos)

Leaving Aghia Irini behind, you will reach the resort settlement of Pounta. There you can swim in the consecutive beautiful small beaches enjoying the view of Antiparos and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy sea sports and in particular windsurfing which is the island's favorite sport.

Paros Island Beaches 14


Kolybithres Beach

Once you have done and seen it all in the greater area of Parikia, you can explore the magnificent beaches that are stretched around Naoussa. There, you will discover coasts that are extremely beautiful with deep blue waters.
It's a must to swim in Piperi and Aghioi Anargiroi beaches, before you begin your tour. The first is located inside Naoussa and the second 200 meters east of the city. Both of them are ideal choices for those who are against using a vehicle other than bicycle in their vacations and desire to be close to the beach the minute they wake up. In the west side of Naoussa's bay you should visit the famous Kolybithres.
Even though the beach is an attraction for Greeks and foreigners, it has not lost anything from its natural beauty. You will be impressed by the rocks around of the beach which are carved by the wave and you will try to find out what the dif- ferent shapes that the sea has given to them remind you. At the beach, there are umbrellas and sea chairs for hire as well as water ski and wakeboard school. In close distance, you will find restaurants, hotels, and cafes.

Paros Island Beaches 4


Monastiri Beach

As you go north leaving Kolybithres behind, you will meet the famous Monastiri. The beach is full of people and is one of the most visited beaches of Paros.

Paros Island Beaches 5


Santa Maria Beach

East of Naoussa and in approximately 1,5 kilometers distance there is the gorgeous Lageri. The beach is one of the secret diamonds of the island as there is no suitable signing to drive the visitors up to there. As you go to Santa Maria leaving Naoussa behind, you will need to turn left into a small dirt road. For your convenience the best thing to do is ask a local for information. As soon as you arrive at the beach you will be impressed from the thin sand and the sand hills.
As you go east you will see Santa Maria which has particularly developed during the last years. Santa Maria is an extended golden sandy beach where you will have the opportunity to learn windsurfing, do many sea sports and diving. Relax in the music sound of the beach bars and enjoy the view of Naxos.

Paros Island Beaches 6


Abelas Beach, Molos Beach, Logaras Beach

In the northeast part of the island, in 5 kilometers distance from Naoussa, you can swim in the picturesque Abelas. The small sandy beach, well protected from the wind, will give you nice moments of relaxation and tranquility while the blue green waters will travel you in exotic places. If you look for more tranquility and isolation you can swim in the beautiful Damouli in very close distance from Abelas.
In the east side of the island and in close distance from Marmara, you will find Molos, another sandy beach that is offered for relaxation. There are taverns and lodgings around the beach. After Molos, the wild beauty and the plenty of argil in Kalogeros beach are waiting for you well hidden. Before you arrive to Molos you will find the extended sandy beaches of Tsoukalia and Glyfades.
As you continue your tour to the east side of the island and in close distance from Marpissa you will see Pisso Livadi and Logaras. In both beaches you can taste fish mezedes near the sea and relax in the beautiful beach.

Paros Island Beaches 8


Pounda Beach

The tourism sector is particularly developed in these areas with many taverns, café and lodgings around the sea. Next stop, the famous Pounda. Sea sports, many happenings, loud music, plenty of drinks and people and many young people constitute the setting in the most bustling beach of Paros.

Paros Island Beaches 9


Tserdakia, Chryssi Akti, New Golden Beach

As you go south you will find Tserdakia or else Nea Chryssi Akti, one of the most ideal beaches of the Mediterranean for windsurfing! The extended beach is very well-organized and will give you the opportunity to learn the secrets of wind-surfing by taking lessons with experienced sea sports teachers. In close distance you will find Chryssi Akti the biggest and one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Sea sports play primary role there with windsurfing to be again the king of the sports while there is also a scuba diving school. The beach has a top level infrastructure basis as you will find restaurants, beach bars and of course modern hotels and lodgings.

Paros Island Beaches 10


Dryos Beach

Next stop of your tour is Dryos and its close beaches. The thin pebble, the dark blue waters and the carved rocks in the end of the beach are typical of Dryos beach. According to the tradition the rocks were shelter for the ships of the sea men during ancient times. Enjoy your swimming away from the crowded places and eat mezedes in the taverns that are exactly above the beach. Before the beach of Dryos is Boudari, a small bay with golden sand, blue green waters and green trees that grow near the sea. Boudari is only for few people, for those who look for quiet and “virgin” beaches. Leaving of Dryos you will find Pyrgaki, another quiet sandy beach ideal for relaxed family moments.

Paros Island Beaches 11


Lolantonis Beach, Glyfa Beach

As you go south to Agaeria, turn left once you see the sign to Lolantonis. After a few drive in dirt road, you will see another small paradise. Relax a little bit under the natural shadow of the deep green trees which rise where the road ends, before you dive in the blue green waters of the small beach. This beach is not organized. After Lolantonis you will find Glyfa which is another clean and beautiful sandy beach. Perhaps the most interesting part of the tour in the southern coasts of the island is Faragas, a well protected from the wind beach with white sand and deep blue waters.
Despite the fact that it is a very well-organized beach, it keeps its company-like style away from the movement and the noise of the settlements. The only beach bar is particularly atmospheric and ideal for all those who want private comfort at the beach.

Paros Island Beaches 12


Alyki Beach

As you continue coastwise and leaving Faragas behind, you will reach the beautiful and family-like beaches of Alyki. In Pisso Alyki, which is before the east entrance of the village, you will find a big sandy beach with blue waters, marram grass and a tavern. As soon as you arrive in Alyki, go to the main beach of the settlement, where you will swim in clean and well protected from the wind waters. It is a must to taste the fresh fish in one of the coastal taverns of the village. In the beach of Aghios Nikolas there is a playground, soccer fields and basketball courts for your children.

Paros Island Beaches 13


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