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Paros island


Paros is a very popular tourist destination, but also an authentic place, which sums up all the various facets of Cycladic life and spirit.
Some Cycladic islands over the years have gradually lost their inhabitants and have become almost empty holiday containers.
Paros has not undergone this involution: here there is a daily life that pulsates and continues beyond the tourist season.
In Paros there are people who work and enjoy.
In Paros there is culture, there are ancient traditions and also a desire for innovation.

It is this vitality of Paros that has impressed me, since the beginning. Since 2004, when I started coming here.
Since then, I have been coming to Paros on vacation almost every year. I don't think I've ever skipped a year ...even if it was for a few days, but I had to be here.
Later I managed to buy a small house (maisonnette de charme) in the historic center of Parikia and I had the possibility to live here for few whole years.
Paros is an island where you can live all year round.
In winter, spring and autumn, Paros is truly fascinating. In my opinion, even more beautiful. Extraordinarily green and suggestive.
Its people, inclusive and generous.

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Thanks to the constant presence of its wonderful people, many traditions, customs and ancient recipes have been well preserved here.

  • Easter in Paros is unique in the Cyclades, almost theatrical and scenographic. It involves all villages.
  • The Feast of the Agion Anagiron Monastery on June 30th is another important religious event. In the courtyard of the monastery wine and meze are distributed and dance to the sound of nisiotika music. The Agion Anagiron Monastery is located on the hill overlooking Parikia.
  • The Feast of the Panagia in mid August, perhaps the most important festival on the island. On this occasion, pilgrims from all other islands gather in Paros. The solemn procession starts on August 15 from the Ekatontapyliani Basilica, arrives at the port and then winds through the streets of Parikia to the church of Zoodocho Pigi, on the other side of the historic center. The party ends with a fantastic evening fireworks display over the sea. According to many, the most beautiful in Greece. Organized certainly not to entertain tourists, but to celebrate the joy and pride of the Paros community.
  • The rehearsals for these great fireworks are held on July 16 and 17 in Antiparos, for the Feast of Agia Marina.
  • The Aliki Fishermen's Festival is another event of the Paros tradition. On August 6, the whole island gathers around the fishermen of this traditional village.
  • On 2 July people of Naoussa organize the Wine and Fish Festival.
  • Also in Naoussa, on August 23 the Pirate Festival is held. Started well before the arrival of the tourists, with this masked party the inhabitants of Naoussa want to exorcise the terror experienced during the incursion of the ferocious Pirate Barbarossa in 1537. The pirate costumes and the scenes of boarding today amuse the tourists but for the inhabitants they are something more.
  • The Feast of Agios Ioannis tou Kalidonas is very ancient, on 23 June, when bonfires are lit in Alyki, Naoussa and Prodromos to burn the wreaths woven on 1 May. Celebrations with dancing, wine and suma.
  • In early September, the Trata, the typical fishing boat of Paros, is also celebrated.

    Without listing the thousands of cultural events that are held throughout the year. Religious holidays and more.
    Many popular dance schools that perform at every occasion.

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    What is the secret of such authenticity?
    Paros, in addition to tourism, is based on its own economy.
    Here there are famous marble quarries, vineyards, fishing, a central and strategic geographical position for trade, a milder climate, arable land and abundant water.
    Thanks to this richness, Paros has managed to preserve over time a stable and almost unchanged social and urban fabric to this day.
    Thanks to this richness, Paros is today not only a popular tourist destination, but above all an authentic island.

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  • How to reach the island of Paros

    Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Italy to Paros. However, there are several solutions.
    • 1) Airplane + ferry

      • a) Fly to Athens and take the ferry from Piraeus (main port of Athens). Pay attention, however, to the ferry timetables. Generally the ferries / hydrofoils to Paros leave early in the morning or in the afternoon. So to avoid staying overnight in Athens, which always has a medium-high cost, I suggest you to check the ferry / hydrofoil timetables on
        From Athens airport, it takes about 60 minutes to reach the port of Piraeus. You can take the metro (2 lines) or the dedicated bus. In my opinion the bus is much more comfortable and the travel time is more or less the same. If necessary, help yourself with googlemap to check the traffic on the bus line.
        The sea crossing lasts 3 hours with hydrofoils and 5 hours with ferries. My advice is to always opt for ferries, which although slower, always depart, even with very rough sea.
        There are many low cost airlines that fly to Athens and you can find very interesting rates, especially if you book well in advance.

      • b) Fly in Athens and take the ferry from Rafina (small port). Rafina is a small town 30 km from Athens airport. It can be reached by taxi (about 40 minutes). Sometimes a shuttle bus service is also available. Timetables and availability of ferryboats / hydrofoils are on

      • c) Fly to Mykonos and take the ferry to Paros. Here, too, pay attention to the ferry / hydrofoil timetables. One night in Mykonos is generally very expensive
        The sea crossing takes about 45 minutes.

    • 2) Airplane + Airplane

    • If you want to travel comfortably and quickly, the best solution is undoubtedly to take 2 flights.
      Fly to Athens and then take the domestic flight to Paros from Athens airport.
      The internal flight is operated by OlimpicAir or SkyExpress. The planes are small, with just over 30 seats. The journey takes just 40 minutes.

      If you make the entire trip with OlympicAir, you certainly won't have to worry about connections or baggage. The baggage will in fact be moved to the hold of the new plane directly by the airport staff. If, on the other hand, you use two different companies, you will have to consider the time for the connections and the time for collecting the baggage from the hold of the first plane and the procedures for the new boarding.

      In my opinion, the 'double flight' solution is still the best choice.

    • 3) Boat + bus /car + ferry

    • If you want to make the trip excluding the plane, you must leave by Boat from the port of Venice / Ancona / Bari or Brindisi with destination the Greek port of Patras.
      Then continue by bus or car (if you travel with your car) towards Piraeus (the port of Athens).
      Finally you have to board the ferry to Paros again.
      The trip takes about two days.

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    Boat excursions of Paros

    A boat experience is the best way to discover the sea from a different perspective.
    The boat excursion gives enthusiasm, a dip where the water is bluer and breaks the routine.
    The boat trip is really refreshing ... or at least for me it is.

    If you want to try this experience in Paros,
    I suggest to contact Davide and organize it directly with him.

    His boat is large, elegant ... in short, very comfortable and beautiful.
    The food served on board is of high quality, varied and expertly prepared.

    It will be an unforgettable experience!

    Below I report the services offered and Davide's contacts.

    • Day cruise around the islands of Paros, Antiparos and Despotiko
    • Departure every day from Paros (Piso Livadi) and Antiparos
      From 10:00 to 18:00
      Max 25 passengers
      Lunch, snacks and drinks included

    • Aperitif on the boat at sunset
    • Every day at the gulf of Parikia
      Aperitif included

    • Cruise of the small cyclades
    • Paros, Antiparos, Iraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonisia and Kato Koufonisia.
      Lunch, snacks and drinks included

    On request it is also possible:
    - organize daily cruises
    - rent the whole boat


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    +39 3346964073


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